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The selection of links reflects a desire for people to think outside the box in regards to sustainability. A world viewpoint takes center stage, focusing on international issues and macroscopic systems. Local and regional developments that show potential for widespread impact are also covered.


  1. Aggregate the latest and most important global sustainability news and analysis into one place
  2. Help people discover the innovative and alternative aspects of sustainable development, while acknowledging the difficulties in achieving global sustainability.

Concepts of sustainability, in relation to this project:

  • Reducing pollution and human-caused environmental degredation to maintain a livable environment
  • Managing the consumption of resources in a renewable fashion
  • Making quality natural and manufactured resources available to all, including food, water, energy, clothing, shelter, and infrastructure
  • Making basic services available to all, including medical, sanitation, education, transportation, and maintenance services

Topics include:

  • activism and protesting
  • construction and infrastructure
  • economics, business, commerce, and work
  • education
  • energy and electricity
  • environment, climate, and conservation
  • food and agriculture
  • internet and communication technologies
  • manufactured goods (their design and consumption)
  • manufacturing and industry
  • military and security
  • natural resources (their extraction and consumption)
  • open development and the open source movement
  • politics and geopolitics
  • pollution and emissions
  • population and sexual health
  • recycling and trash management
  • sanitation and human waste management
  • scientific and technological advances
  • trade and movement of goods
  • transportation
  • urban issues
  • water