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gas and electricity prices are putting the global economy under pressure while also opening huge opportunities for solar, renewables, and green hydrogen https://buff.ly/3ClxnE4

[USA] \ illegal marijuana farms take west's water in 'blatant theft' https://buff.ly/3CkPZnC

[USA] \ lawmakers launch investigation into climate crisis disinformation by fossil fuel industry https://buff.ly/3tO6CVC

[Canada] \ why molten salt nuclear reactors are problematic and investing in them is a waste https://buff.ly/3kkrYXR?

commodity traders wreak havoc on global markets and profit from ecological and social devastation. can they be stopped? https://buff.ly/3nJBqpz

[USA] \ Joe Biden claims to believe the science on climate change. so why is his administration declaring that the IPCC report “does not present sufficient cause" to stop expanding oil drilling? https://buff.ly/2XFAzvr

Shoonya will electrify urban deliveries in [India]—is the world next? https://buff.ly/3hwEMZa

a failure to slash global emissions is setting the world on a "catastrophic" path to 2.7 degrees Celsius heating, UN chief Antonio Guterres warned https://buff.ly/2XFAN5L

[USA] \ LA County moves to ban oil and gas drilling https://buff.ly/3CiJNfK

blue carbon can help climate change "code red" https://buff.ly/3nHoQqP

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