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asking the right questions about human genetic engineering https://buff.ly/3x5YJwg

[USA] \ rolling back the rollbacks: putting cars and trucks back on track to meeting climate goals https://buff.ly/3dsFPI0

[USA] \ time to repeal the anti-consumer dirty energy rule for the north-east regional grid https://buff.ly/3mXMsoG

should police cruisers be electric vehicles? https://buff.ly/2QbjRQQ

[Portugal] \ Lisbon orders 10 electric ferries https://buff.ly/3mVHeKe

vast renewables potential in eastern and southern [Africa] offers route to sustainable growth https://buff.ly/3gjybkW

the last mile >> are you suffering from COVID burnout? or just the exhaustion that comes at the end of a long race? https://buff.ly/3alRBBW

soaring food prices, conflicts driving hunger, rise across west and central [Africa] https://buff.ly/3tlFM6l

[USA] \ west prepares for possible first water shortage declaration https://buff.ly/3trJICw

the plasticisers contained in many everyday objects can impair important brain functions in humans https://buff.ly/2QBuwnK

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