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sustainable banking is an important part of addressing the climate crisis https://buff.ly/3xDa4o5

[USA] \ compost helps Maryland farm build healthy soils & feed their community https://buff.ly/3G0nRIq

What Could Possibly Go Right? podcast (episode 62): Susan Campbell https://buff.ly/3I0h9DU

why do Walmart, Amazon, Target and IKEA have such high shipping emissions? https://buff.ly/3IatLbB

[Australia] \ Great Barrier Reef faces frequent extreme coral bleaching at 2 C heating, research finds https://buff.ly/3o8z57n

Cyber Monday report reveals climate-wrecking supply chain of retail giants based in the [USA] https://buff.ly/3pdFJc3

[Philippines] \ illegal mining threatens indigenous land at foot of the country's tallest peak https://buff.ly/3EaFrZG

[USA] \ the public relations industry has been a ‘major’ but ‘overlooked’ influence in climate politics for decades, says study https://buff.ly/3rlHczs

emissions fall in [China], rise in [EU] amid COVID-19 recovery https://buff.ly/3rCYKHN

crazy floating all-in-one renewable energy gizmo has everybody suddenly talking https://buff.ly/3xofdAk

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