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climate activists take [Norway] to human rights court over Arctic oil plans: activists allege decision to grant oil exploration licences violated right to healthy environment https://buff.ly/3qcAtpf

[EU] Parliament overwhelmingly votes to end caged animal farming https://buff.ly/3qcAQ37

[Tunisia] \ riots and resistance 10 years after the revolution https://buff.ly/3gHhgY2

insect population collapse: new evidence links it to dams https://buff.ly/3wAKAq3

Elon Musk tells Bitcoin: use renewable energy for mining https://buff.ly/3iNwnlp

[Indonesia] \ coal phase-out plan gets pushback https://buff.ly/3vx4fpq

Volvo & Volkswagen are the only carmakers in [Europe] on track to electrify on time https://buff.ly/3vw7fm6

how breaking up Amazon can empower independent businesses and revive entrepreneurship in the USA https://buff.ly/3wC3o8o

how to align economy and ecology https://buff.ly/2xoKUyy

[USA] \ community activists in Virginia fight gas pipeline & environmental injustice https://buff.ly/2TwN3Dj

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