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[USA] \ Colorado’s fossil fuel industry wants to buy your friendship. don’t be fooled. https://buff.ly/3E4N6Z9

how economists helped big oil obstruct climate action for decades https://buff.ly/2WUeWaq

why fossil fuel subsidies are so hard to kill: behind the struggle to stop governments propping up the coal, oil and gas industries https://buff.ly/3B4zniS?

COP26: document leak reveals nations lobbying to change key climate report https://buff.ly/3ncioqa

citizens’ assemblies won’t save the planet https://buff.ly/3jnmUky

[USA] \ Sharing The Sun market report details expansive growth, recent trends in community solar https://buff.ly/3jllXJc

cities worldwide aren't adapting to climate change quickly enough https://buff.ly/2XxZ5yI

how ideas from ancient Greek philosophy may have driven civilization toward climate change https://buff.ly/3jncmBX

[Canada] \ reducing oil and gas production is ‘only possible lever’ to hit 2030 climate goals https://buff.ly/3G3tPc9

[USA] \ seventy-two hours under the heat dome in Oregon https://buff.ly/3vc7VOX

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