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Beyond Meat’s strategic global agreements with McDonald’s and Yum! Brands are the “clearest sign yet that the future of meat will be plant-based” https://buff.ly/3bFn2ai

Chomsky warns of humanity’s drive to ‘species suicide’ amidst climate and nuclear threats https://buff.ly/3uwd1Vs

[Australia] \ revised data shows the country pumped out the equivalent of 272.5 million more tonnes of heat-trapping gas between 2000 and 2020: the data reflects better understanding of the role highly potent methane gas plays in global warming https://buff.ly/2MzpSVU

[USA] \ Energy Secretary Granholm: Texas outages show need for changes to U.S. power systems https://buff.ly/2NBmCdd

[USA] \ deadly Texas catastrophe shows how natural gas systems can fail when demand spikes https://buff.ly/37R1xlY

new UN climate report puts the world on 'red alert' for climate catastrophe https://buff.ly/3kvkFef

[USA] \ Noya Labs turns cooling towers into direct air capture devices for CO2 emissions: company wants to convert the roughly 2 million cooling towers at industrial sites and buildings across the country https://buff.ly/3uLggJ1

[UK] \ local green group actually a front for far-right activists: ex-Generation Identity members are promoting shopping local while pushing anti-migrant messages https://buff.ly/3bIhUCd

Amazon rainforest plots sold via Facebook Marketplace ads >> parts of Brazil's Amazon are being illegally sold on Facebook. the protected areas include national forests and land reserved for indigenous peoples. https://buff.ly/3bHYeym

electric vehicle market share trends in UK, Netherlands, Norway, China, Germany, France, & Sweden https://buff.ly/2O3iH8S

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