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Toyota actively lobbying to slow down EV revolution https://buff.ly/3fbNJpt

[China] launches national carbon trading program: oil and chemical company Sinopec makes the first bulk trade on a new national exchange https://buff.ly/2WGzEtZ

genome sequencing against COVID needs to be global https://buff.ly/3zRWyg9

[USA] \ could lobsters help save Florida's corals? https://buff.ly/3lfbnVV

the Earth is on fire and we’re arguing about cheeseburgers, so that’s great https://buff.ly/379X78T

Intesa Sanpaolo’s new climate policies disappoint ahead of COP26: one of the 30 largest banks in the world and Italy’s worst fossil bank, announces new measures on coal, and “unconventional” oil and gas https://buff.ly/3C15xO8

[UK] \ our biggest enemy is no longer climate denial but climate delay: nothing is more dangerous than the illusion of action – which is all that the British government is offering https://buff.ly/3BS5owp

how summer 2021 has changed our understanding of extreme weather https://buff.ly/3xgMM5D

[USA] \ cattle are losing important genetic adaptations to their environment due to a lack of genetic information available to farmers https://buff.ly/3ypSenW

deep-sea mining not necessary for renewable energy transition, experts argue https://buff.ly/3ifgDai

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