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this is the most embarrassing transportation-related news clip in the history of the [USA]: a segment on CNBC reveals Elon Musk's Boring Campany's new Las Vegas car tunnel, paid for by $50 million in taxpayer dollars https://buff.ly/3dSOAKf

[Australia] \ Sydney's disastrous flood wasn't unprecedented, and we can expect more major floods in just 10 years https://buff.ly/3uUAYoT

living near a toxic waste site could lower life expectancy by a year, study finds https://buff.ly/3uVjZmj

will future electric vehicles be powered by deep-sea metals? https://buff.ly/3e0HJhZ

could plastic-eating mushrooms solve mankind's plastic problem? https://buff.ly/3sn4vFV

[USA] \ the Biden administration's offshore wind plan: who supports ambition in offshore wind? https://buff.ly/3ajHldD

[USA] \ lawsuit aims to stop post-fire logging on Oregon state forest https://buff.ly/3svxUhy

[UK] support for [Mozambique] gas plant fuelling conflict: environmental group warns UK’s £750 million funding for fossil fuel project could worsen Isis-led insurgency https://buff.ly/3ea3Fau

[Europe] eyes strict rules for artificial intelligence https://buff.ly/3tgnnrw

world adds record new renewable energy capacity in 2020, with more than 260 gigawatts installed https://buff.ly/2Olg6aD

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