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crazy floating all-in-one renewable energy gizmo has everybody suddenly talking https://buff.ly/3xofdAk

does the climate crisis inspire anger? https://buff.ly/3lxuMB9

[Morocco] \ renewable energy is fuelling a forgotten conflict https://buff.ly/2ZurkiM

researchers use satellite data to show vehicles are an under-recognized source of urban ammonia pollution https://buff.ly/3cTsEPm

with the climate crisis, a Thanksgiving vegan dinner is on the horizon https://buff.ly/2ZrIeP3

[UK] \ Tory MP who criticised climate action for impact on world’s poor has stakes in 18 extractive companies https://buff.ly/3CXkgsG

Rolls-Royce sets electric airplane speed record https://buff.ly/3nSK0SH

[USA] \ Ithaca races against the clock to decarbonize all buildings by 2030 https://buff.ly/3DLwplA

the long-term promise of 24/7 carbon-free electricity https://buff.ly/3DPZHQ9

[Venezuela] hit by cooking gas shortages: some look to forests for firewood https://buff.ly/30RiUCU

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