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[USA] \ why stocks soared while the country struggled https://buff.ly/3uyKVs9

a 1912 news article from New Zealand ominously forecasted the catastrophic effects of fossil fuels on climate, but it wasn't the first: the idea of man-made global warming was mentioned in media as early as 1883 and even earlier in scientific circles https://buff.ly/2ooqfkk

[USA] \ progressive candidate Alexandra Hunt has a bold vision for Pennsylvania https://buff.ly/33vRujm

[USA] \ the key to stopping http://Amazon.com? think like a citizen. https://buff.ly/3vY4tqv

North American companies buying more robots to keep up with demand https://buff.ly/3eCAtL3

[USA] \ California develops proposal to achieve clean vehicle future: the next round of its Advanced Clean Cars program https://buff.ly/2RFDSzm

[Russia] \ about 170 endangered seals found dead on the Caspian coast https://buff.ly/3xRXelw

[USA] \ Minnesota might be the next state to adopt California emissions standards, but there's already opposition to the change https://buff.ly/3tztYwH

[USA] \ coal is losing the price war to wind and solar faster than anticipated https://buff.ly/3b81YtD

[Canada] \ the country's mining industry is spreading havoc around the world — with Justin Trudeau’s support https://buff.ly/3hlkTVw

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